Thursday, March 11, 2010


I finished another maternity dress for my daughter last week. I love this pattern...KwikSew 3486. She is due in 2.5 more weeks, so maybe she'll be able to wear it a few times. lol...Our winters are usually very mild-mild enough to wear summerish dresses, but not this year! Oh well, we'll just put it up for another time. (That's wishful thinking for you!)
I had the worst time with the invisible zipper. I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but I was using the little plastic invisible zipper foot I bought from Hancocks. I guess it's getting old, because it kept shifting left and right while I was sewing. The invisible zipper turned out being not very invisible. I ended up buying the invisible zipper foot that was made for my ought to work much better.
This is my next project (Carter- by Cyndi and company)... and this is where the title of my post comes in. I've got everything cut out except for the skirt. I go to do that tonight, skirt pattern pieces! I have looked high and low for those things...they were right on my dining room table....where could they be?!?!? I am sooo aggravated. Then I was thinking that maybe the directions just give a rectangle measurement to cut out....ummm....nope...don't see 'em. I'm sure that's what I'll end up doing, but hey...I would just rather have the pattern pieces. Maybe I'll run across someone else who has the pattern and they can tell me if there are even skirt pattern pieces in the pattern.
Sooooo....until I figure out what I'm going to do about the skirt...I'll look over some things I got in the mail. I bought the A-Z book of Heirloom Sewing, a Bonnie Blue pattern called Shelby Kate, and an old Creative Needle baby issue that I missed way back when.


Jan said...

You might want to check with the store where your pattern was purchased. Cyndi recently revised some of her patterns. I have not received the revised version of Carter, so I do not know if the skirt pattern pieces were part of the revision or not. Looking at the pattern layout, it seems that the skirt pieces should be the width of the fabric, and the desired finished length plus hem. I am not sure if that diagram is based on 45" or 60" fabric. It may also depend on the size you are making. You could always contact Cyndi at the email address on the back of the pattern and inquire. Hope you are sewing soon!

Laura said...

Thak you so much, Jan. Cyndi actually got in touch with me and offered to send me some revised directions. I thought that was so nice. So I don't have to wait on the directions, she told me the measurements to cut...they ARE based on 45" fabric.

Mary said...

Your daughter is lucky that you can sew maternity clothes for her and look at you wishing for another before this one is even here!

Laura said...

LOL...Mary, I know...I know...I should let her have this one first. We're in the final countdown!