Sunday, February 14, 2010


I know there are a million posts out there about the snow, so what the hey? I'll add one more. We had so much snow for Charleston, SC. I had four inches in my yard! woo hoo! Unfortunately, I had to work in it...and I've lost my power for quite a while. I haven't gotten much sewing done. God bless our pioneer women who sewed by candlelight...not fun, at least for me.
This is what snow looks like on a palmetto tree!

Here is a maternity dress that I finished for my daughter. She is due in 5 weeks...hopefully, it'll warm up in enough time for her to wear it. It's a great pattern and the style suits her. (excuse the ripped walls...we're looking for more termites)

I've cut out another dress for her. When my electricity decides to stay on, I'll start sewing it for her. As you can see, my three helpers are at it again.

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