Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's official!

Yep, it's official. I made it through this looooong, hoooooot summer! Believe me, there were plenty of times I was wondering if I would. We had one day where the heat index was 120 degrees and the route I have is one where I'm standing outside in the sun! Whew! I should be getting a much easier route by the end of the month, so let the sewing commence!

My new sheetrock...yippee!
If you remember, parts of my house was gutted after I had a water leak between the walls where I subsequently found termite damage. I had a guy come in to do the work for me and here I am a year later in just about the same condition. He kept upping his price and doing less and less work, so I had to let him go. My ex and his friend came last weekend and they almost have it all done. I am sooo excited. Not only are they replacing studs and putting up new walls, they are replacing my windows. My house is very old and most of them wouldn't open very easily.
My new window!!

Sewing in my daugther's room.
Unfortunately, it was my sewing room and bathroom that was gutted, so I've had to move all my sewing stuff into my daughter's room. She moved out about 6 months ago so it was just sitting empty. I can't find a thing, let me tell ya.

The never-ending applique block.
I know I have some applique pins in this mess somewhere. I've been looking all over for them. Anyhoo, I'm finally sewing the berries on my basket quilt January block.

I've also got a commission (by my granddaughters) to sew one Dorothy costume, one cow girl costume, and one indian squaw I'll be paid in hugs and kisses.
Costume time!

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