Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cozy day

I've had such a cozy day today. I've spent the whole day in my sewing room watching Christmas movies and sewing the tater tot's dress. The only thing I was missing is a fire, but since it's 75 degrees here, that would be silly. They say a cold front is coming tomorrow and I say bring it on!

Here is everything laid out on my sewing table. I'm sewing the Lucy pattern, but since there is a pleat added to the front, I have to alter and trace the pattern first.
I'm using some of the Swedish tracing paper I recently bought.
I'm using the striped spaghetti tubing across the front yoke. I can't decide which piping to use around the front and back yokes.

Here is a shot of the back with the lining facing up and of the front with the pleat and the tubing placed across the yoke seam. I hope to make the button holes and sew on the buttons tonight. I'll save the hem for the next few days....


Anonymous said...

I spent my Sunday doing the exact same thing--watching Christmas movies while working in my sewing room, and it was so wonderful and relaxing!

I love the fabric you have chosen, and the trim is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to see the finished product!

andsewitis Holly said...

Your sewing is to die for. I wish I could sew like that but as I've said before, everything I make for myself looks like "little house on the prairie".

Seventy four degrees! I'm jealous. They say it will hit 42 here next week. Time to break out my bikini. lol. I'll probably be sweating after the weather we've had. I know I'll be jumping up and down for joy, that's for certain.

I spent my Sunday (church was canceled due to the snow and ice) reading Two From Galilee, the story of Mary and Joseph. I read it last in the 7th grade.

Laura said...

Thank y'all, Holly and Linda! All I have left to do is put on the buttons and sew down the lining.

It might have been 74 yesterday, but today it was mid 40's and breezy! What a change! I was kinda glad, tho, b/c today was our big parcel day and...I SURVIVED! lol

Holly, have you read all of the Galilee books? I have them and reread them periodically. They are are especially good to read during the Christmas season.

Anonymous said...

Just checking back in to see how you are dong, my dear! I'm sorry you will have to work tomorrow. Have a blessed Christmas!