Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Here are my little quilting helpers. The one on the right is a June Taylor quilt caddy thingie and the one on the left is painted to look like a Charleston (sc) row house.'s my first attempt at applique. I've been reading up on several different techniques, but I'm not sure how I'm going to attack it yet. I've only appliqued the vines so far. I really like doing it...I'm totally a process person. I get totally absorbed in whatever I'm working on at the moment...don't care if it's ugly...don't always care if I finish it quickly...just like doing it. Anyhoo, I'll be working on the berries and leaves next and then I'll tackle the bird. My hands are so sore from WORKING ALL THE TIME WITHOUT A DAY OFF...EVER....TO REST....I had a job interview last Monday...I pray that I get that job...I can't wait around for the postal service anymore. I won't get days off until I become regular and I won't become regular as long as they're contracting out all the new growth in our area. Oh well...

Here's Miss Lizzie...she loves to sleep on her back and

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