Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moving in day 2008- 2009 is the day my son, Brett, had to report to the barracks. I swear, that boy didn't even unpack his duffel back when he got off this summer. Oh well....let him walk around in a wrinkled duty uniform and see what happens! lol Here's the bulldog (our mascot). I've taken a picture with all the grandgirls sitting on him. We'll have to keep up that family tradition.
It's been so rainy this week. We've been getting the very outer edge of Fay and it's been wonderful! Although I've gotten a little wet at work this week, it's been so much better than baking my brains out! I know those knobs at The Citadel should be glad. They've had a relatively easy hell week compared to what it could have been.

Please mom...not another picture....

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad we each have a good dessert on hand...:)