Sunday, January 03, 2010

A new year...

So... I hope to post to my blog this year. lol Okay...quit laughing. I'm thinking I'll have a little bit more time this year. I switched schools to one that should take less time, hopefully. I'm also not jumping on routes anymore, I get to stay on the same one everyday. That makes things alot easier.

This year, I'd like to get some of my ufo quilts quilted. This Double Wedding Ring is in the middle of being handquilted. The rest I'll probably do on my machine. We'll see. I think the first thing I'll start on is my Christmas raggy quilt. All that's left to do is that the squares have to be sewn together, snipped and laundered.
This is a quilt I pieced for my Aunt Nancy. Every year she comes to stay for a week or so and we piece a quilt. She already had everything cut out and kitted up. She usually lines up the block, I piece it, and she irons. It' s a pretty good set-up. She lives near an Amish community and she'll have them quilt it sometimes. She's also had some machine quilted since there's a lady in her quilt group who does that.
I also plan to make a good bit of American Girl doll clothes. Next year is the year for the granddaughters to get their dolls for Christmas. Although my youngest granddaughter will still be too young (in my opinion) for an American Girl, there's no way I'm gonna make outfits for just two.

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