Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bills, bills, bills

I've come to the conclusion that I have got to do something with all the mail that comes into my house. My first idea was to put it in a basket on my breakfast bar....hmmm....I don't think so. I just seem to pile everything in there with no order, no nothing. It's too easy to overlook important ones and of course, I'm going to put the junk mail there "til I get a minute to look them through". Yeah right.

My next idea was to just put them on my computer desk. I spend a good bit of time there each day checking my blogs so Of COURSE, I'll go through them while I'm surfing the web...right? Wrong!! I just ended up with a pile of junk in my way.

Then I bought one of those bill doo-hickies that has the slots and numbers so you can put the envelope into the slot for the day it needs to be mailed...or whatever. I don't have too many bills, but they all seem to need to go out on the same day...slot is too skinny! lol

So...this is my current and final solution. I've gotten one of those cheap little day planners from walmart. When mail comes into my house, I'm going to open the envelope, write down what I need to do with it in my planner, and put the envelope into the pocket at the back of the book. When I check my planner in the morning (yes I will, too!) I'll deal with whatever is due for that day!! All that junk in my slot thingie above is condensed down into this little book. I'm going to use the slot thingie to organize my birthday cards and such. Yay me!!

Now, as a reward for all my hard organizing...I'll settle into my little cozy corner and stitch on the binding of my quilt.

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andsewitis Holly said...

Looks like you've come up with a good solution. I'm still at the stacks-of-mail-on-my-counter phase.