Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy Birthday!

So today was the big 48 for me. My daughter made me a cake and came to my house after I finished work so we could eat it. Thank goodness no other surprises were cooked up. The heat index was over 100 degrees today and it doesn't help that my LLV (mailtruck) blows out heat from under the dash. Can you say hot? I've decided to do a little more in my sewing room and then I'm going to sit in my recliner and finish melting. lol Daughter number two called me b/c she felt bad that daughter number three, son number one, and she were going to hang out tonight and leave me alone! I ASSURED them that I didn't mind one bit being alone! lol Poor things. I'm too whipped to entertain anyone tonight. Anyway, I had my son (we share the same birthday, and I've been ripped off on presents ever since) on my birthday, so they can all hang out and celebrate and not worry about disturbing me while I'm snoring in my chair. lol

Ps...I found out why the tops of my curtains are always wonky...Seems like my kitty, Gizmo, likes to play up there. lol


andsewitis Holly said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You are only a few months older than me.
Hey, my Dh complains all the time about those mail vehicles blowing out hot air even when the heater isn't on. You'd think something could be done about that but since the PO has the largest fleet of vehicles in the U.S. maybe it's too expensive. Has to be a design flaw.
Cute kitty. They can be such rascals :)

Laura said...

Thank you! You'd never know I was only a few months older than you b/c of the head full of grey hair I'm sporting! l0l
I'm telling you...the inside of my LLV hit 118 last Thursday. Tooooo hot! We'll start cooling off towards the end of Oct. I can't wait! (She's a bad kitty, but I love her)