Friday, September 03, 2004

Internet woes

I lost my internet for a few days. This is the second time in the past few weeks. Comcast had better tighten up.
On the sewing front, I attached the overlay to the yoke and then I attached the yoke to the pleated front. I don't like how there is a space between the bottom of the overlay and the top of the pleats. The picture leads one to believe that the smocking peeks out from underneath the overlay. I like that idea better than there being a space with no smocking. Oh well, I'm not gonna undo this one, but on the next one I'll be moving the pleating threads up higher.
I graduated RCA (mailman) school today. My first day on my route will be next Wednesday at 6:30am. It'll be hard work the first few weeks. Or maybe I should day it'll be slow-going. I have to memorize where 700 addresses go (in particular order)in my case. Then I have to remember the vast amounts of paperwork involved with mailhandling and special services. Wish me luck!

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