Tuesday, August 17, 2004


I completed the tote last night. I'm really pleased with the pattern. It went together easily and I'm almost totally satisfied. You'll see why I say almost in a minute.

This is a picture of the inside pockets. I don't have the bottom "stiffener" in yet. I'm going to use plastic canvas instead of cardboard. That way I can cut it to shape and throw it in the washer without worrying about warpage. I like how everything is all bound with the bias tape on the insides.

Here's where bonehead in the title of this entry comes in. Do you see how I put on the straps? ROFL. What was I thinking??? I'll have to cut the straps in the middle and sew them together how they're supposed to go, because there is NO WAY that I'm gonna take this bad boy apart to fix those straps. Duh!! Posted by Hello

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