Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A little progress...

I'm almost finished with the dress. I've got to add snaps to the back (forgot to buy 'em). The patterns call for little satin bows at the end of the tucks on the bodice. I haven't decided whether or not I"m going to do those yet.

Here's an inside view of the bloomers. I would have finished these except that I also forgot seam binding. I didn't feel like making it last night, so I'll pick up some today. Looks like I'd better read the notions blurb a little more carefully!

I also did a little more work on the blue yoke dress. I took out the blue cable on the borders, I took out some stray gathering threads, and I hemmed it. Hopefully, today I'll smock a new border and put on the buttons and buttonholes.

My 16 year old daughter is going for her driver's liscense today. Lord give me strength!

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